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Com relação às informações contidas neste website, não garantimos, na sua totalidade, a integralidade e a exatidão das mesmas. É possível que as informações descritas sejam alteradas sem aviso prévio. Em caso de reclamações, prejuízos e danos que decorrerem, direta ou indiretamente, da utilização de informações ou conteúdos incluídos neste website, o governo de Osaka não arcará com nenhuma responsabilidade.

Terms of Use

The Osaka Prefecture (hereinafter referred to as "the Prefecture") stipulates the following Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms") when using this restaurant search website with foreign language menus (hereinafter referred to as "this Website"). Users of this Website, mainly foreign travelers and Japanese viewers (hereinafter referred to as "Users") agree to these Terms when using this service. Please read the following carefully. The details of these Terms will change, as required.

1 Application of Terms

This Website is managed and operated by the Prefecture for all Users. The Prefecture may change these Terms without the consent of the User. Subsequently changed Terms are put into effect at the point they are displayed on this Website, excluding when separately stipulated by the Prefecture. Users who use this Website after changes to Terms have been put into effect agree to the changed Terms for all listed content.

If various reminders, etc. or guidance on the uses of the services provided are posted on this Website by the Prefecture (hereinafter collectively referred to as "various Reminders, etc."), these various Reminders, etc. comprise a part of these Terms. With the use of this Website, Users agree to the Terms.

2 Service Provisions

  • Usage of the Services of This Website
    Users can use these services after agreeing to these Terms.
  • Purpose of Utilizing the Services of this Website
    Users can use the services of this Website to view basic business information about restaurant operators in the Prefecture and menus in various languages, develop and environment for accepting foreign travelers and to improve convenience.
  • Guarantees and Changes to Service Content
    The Prefecture does not guarantee the absence of defects or bugs regarding the service content provided.
    Additionally, the Prefecture has the ability to change the content or specifications of services or stop or suspend the provision of services without notifying Users in advance.
  • Map Information Service
    No guarantee is provided regarding the map information for the whereabouts of restaurants, etc. posted on this Website.

3 Translated Content

This service has been translated from Japanese into multiple languages by a dedicated translator, and in cases where all content has not been accurately translated, there is the possibility of the original Japanese content not being accurately reflected. Additionally, the Prefecture accepts no responsibility for any damages that may occur, directly or indirectly, when using this Service.

4 Changes to Terms of Use

The Prefecture may change these Terms at any time without notifying Users in advance. However, if this will cause a significant impact on Users, the Prefecture may provide an advance notice period that is deemed rational.

5 Prohibited Matters

All Users must not conduct any of the following actions while using this Website.

  • Send or enter registration items or other information to the Prefecture that is falsified, in error or omitted
  • Encroach on the rights of other Users, third-parties or the Prefecture, or risk performing such an act
  • Acts that go against public decency
  • Tamper with information which could be used on this Website
  • Send or write harmful computer programs
  • Hinder the administration of this Website or risk performing such an act
  • Violate laws or spread rumors or other acts that may violate the law
  • Other acts deemed to be inappropriate by the Prefecture

If it is found that a User violated one of the above items or if it is determined that an administrator performed an improper administrative act on the Website, the Prefecture can take appropriate action (including legal measures.) against the corresponding User such as suspending use of the Website, stripping member status or seeking damages. If the Prefecture or a third-party incurs damages as a result of a User violating these rules, the corresponding User must take responsibility for paying any damages.

6 Disclaimer

No guarantee is given regarding the completeness or accuracy of information listed on this Website. Information listed may change without notice. The Prefecture accepts absolutely no responsibility for any loss or damages, either direct or indirect, which may occur as a result of using the information or content included on this Website.

7 Governing Rules and Court with Jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of the Terms listed here and usage of this Website shall be in accordance with Japanese law, unless explicitly stated. The exclusive direct court of the first trial for all disputes related to the use of this Website shall be be the Osaka District Court.