COVID-19 measures for eateries in Osaka Prefecture

Osaka Prefecture has established a certification system that will lead to further promotion of infection prevention measures at restaurants, so you can be in those environments with peace of mind.


(Examples of measures taken)

  • Installation of acrylic panels, etc. (securing space between seats)
  • Thorough disinfection of hands and fingers
  • Promotion of masks wearing at all times except when eating
  • Thorough ventilation and installation of CO2 sensors
  • Active promotion of the use of “Restaurant Smartphone Testing Center” for workers showing COVID-19 symptoms
  • Establishment of COVID-19 Prevention Measure Leaders, etc.

In Osaka Prefecture, to ensure you can visit safely, businesses that self-report compliance with the COVID-19 control guidelines for their respective business types are issued a COVID-19 safety sticker.

Eateries with this sticker ensure the safety of customers and staff by avoiding the 3 Cs (closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings), using general hygiene practices like handwashing, and maintaining physical distance between people.


(Example measures)

  • Thorough handwashing by staff
  • Thorough health management of staff, for example by checking temperatures
  • Having staff wear masks at all times
  • Placing hand sanitizer at the facility
  • Thorough ventilation of rooms by letting in outside air
  • Setting tables 1 to 2 meters apart
  • Setting up partitions to control droplet dispersion
  • Using cash trays when paying

Thorough Infection Prevention Gold Stickers
Thorough Infection Prevention Announcement Stickers

These stickers are awarded to business operators who submit an application and pass an examination performed by Osaka Prefecture. The examination process involves visiting the establishment in-person and checking the status of the business operator’s efforts. Applicants must also be registered for a Thorough Infection Prevention Announcement Sticker as part of the certification criteria.


These stickers are issued based on self-reporting by business operators regarding compliance status with industry specific guidelines; no examinations are performed.