COVID-19 measures for eateries in Osaka Prefecture

In Osaka Prefecture, to ensure you can visit safely, eateries that follow the COVID-19 control guidelines created by an official food service industry organization are issued a COVID-19 safety sticker.


Eateries with this sticker ensure the safety of customers and staff by avoiding the 3 Cs (closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings), using general hygiene practices like handwashing, and maintaining physical distance between people.

(Example measures)

  • Thorough handwashing by staff
  • Thorough health management of staff, for example by checking temperatures
  • Having staff wear masks at all times
  • Placing hand sanitizer at the facility
  • Thorough ventilation of rooms by letting in outside air
  • Setting tables 1 to 2 meters apart
  • Setting up partitions to control droplet dispersion
  • Using cash trays when paying